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Only to be used, the only virtue reuse;

There is only one, to reuse;

Talent without virtue, limit use;

No virtue, no need.

Everyone is a talent, not race horses.

Use long, one short.

Science and technology is the first productive force, talent is the first resource.

Benefits by quality, quality by technology, technology by talent, talent by education.

The market is like water, like a boat like enterprise, the quality of the rudder, who is the helmsman.

Not personnel is dereliction of duty, a waste of talent is the best is the bounden duty of dereliction of duty.

The business person: as also in person, also in person.

Use of the existing talents, stabilize key talent, attract talents, reserve talents for the future.

Talent is the most profitable commodity, the business is the ultimate big winner.

Respect for the person's moral character, pay attention to the wisdom of the people; to recognize the value of people, cherish the feelings of the people; to maintain the dignity of people, improve the quality of people.

Respect talents genuinely and sincerely service personnel training, with undivided attention, the use of talent; a matter of conscience.

A company needs to develop quickly and be able to employ a good talent, especially the need for smart people.

Candidates should be, the use of the public; education to the ground, management should be strict.

Staff training is the enterprise risk is the smallest; the biggest gain of strategic investment.

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