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JINXU ELEJXREC Series Residual Current Circuit Breaker
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Product name:JXREC Series Residual Current Circuit Breaker
Product brand:Wenzhou JINXU Electric Co. Ltd.
Product area: Xinguang Industry Zone,Liushi Yueqing Zhejiang China
Customer service:0086-0577-62716511 (Sales Manager)
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The Tele REC relay automatically recluses the RCCB after an earth leakage or a manual
disconnect. The relay will attempt to re-close 6 times with different time inter-vals between
re-close attempts. After 6 unsuccessful attempts the Tele REC is locked.

? Total protection against person's indirect contacts.
? Safe reconnection of RCCB after trip by transitory earth leakage.
? Maintenance of power against trips provoked by high frequency earth leakages.
? Maintenance of power against shock waves up to 3000 A.

PoleNo:2P 、4P
Certificate: IEC61008/GB16916.1

Product Function:Leakage protection 、Isolation function
Rated current(A):≤25、≤40 、≤63
Rated voltage(V):230V/400V
Rated frequency(Hz):50
Sensitivity{l.△.n):30mA, 1 ∞mA、300mA、500mA
Environment temperature: -25't-+60<C
Connection type:Tunnel style 、Pin style 、U style
Biggest wiring ability:25mm2
Action style:AC 、A
Installation style:Standard 35mm guide
1m l .6.m(A):5∞
Inc 、l .6.c(A):6∞。
Protection degree:IP20

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